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​​In 2011, HSBC Holdings, the global banking and financial services organization, has appointed CBRE to serve as global advisor for its 66 million-square-foot portfolio. CBRE acts as HSBC’s exclusive Global Portfolio Strategy and Data Manager, providing HSBC with strategic, integrated portfolio management and a leading data technology solution globally.

As the exclusive portfolio manager, CBRE advises HSBC on its global property portfolio, which comprises more than 9,500 properties in over 80 countries and territories. “It’s an important step for us as we globalize our real estate portfolio management and standardize best practices to increase organizational effectiveness,” said Nicholas Giraudeau, HSBC Global Head of Portfolio and Workplace Strategy. “CBRE’s knowledge of prevailing trends in corporate real estate supports us in delivering the most cost-effective, agile and efficient portfolio, aligned with our changing business needs.

“As a global partner, CBRE helps us read market trends and realign our portfolio at the right time in the market,” Giraudeau added. “We can also be more proactive in determining where we want to go with the portfolio in light of property market cycles. CBRE brings insight to help us innovate, and understands our internal demand profile, so we get the right amount of property in the right location.”​

CBRE also serves as HSBC’s exclusive transaction management partner in Europe, and as a shared delivery partner for transactions in Asia Pacific, North America and Latin America.

“With the excellent experience of CBRE’s portfolio management team, we derive significant benefits and synergies from deploying on a global scale,” said Tony Buckham, HSBC Global Head of Corporate Real Estate. “By linking good data and management information with best-in-class, on-the-ground delivery through our transaction partners, we are providing a robust yet agile support function for our business operations across over 80 different countries and a wide variety of property types.”

This appointment expands upon and consolidates CBRE’s existing relationship with HSBC across numerous locations worldwide. CBRE is already responsible for integrated transaction and portfolio management in the UK and portfolio management in France.

“We bring global cultural expertise and diversity, and a robust and scalable platform that’s a proven approach,” said Andy Sergeant, CBRE Senior Director. “We don’t just bring the service lines the client has contracted for, but access to a whole range of innovation and strategic thinking from other areas that can help their business, such as change management, technology platforms and professional training. The breadth of skills we can bring to these projects provides significant value, rather than just functional expertise.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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