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New Leaf



Raise Your Standard of Living!​

CBRE invites you to make​ a personal commitment to sustainability. Jus​t do li​ke our clients, tenants and CBRE employees below and download My Standards of Sustainability – our suggested guidelines for living and working in a more sustainable manner.

Take Action
We’ve supplied the first seven standards; all you do is add three of your own, and submit the docum​ent here. And don’t miss CBRE’s Standards of Sustainability for clients, which feature simple ways to continually improve the operational efficiency of your commercial property (view resources to the right).

Tree of Sustainability
Need some tips on how to turn over a new leaf? Click HERE to download our "Tree of Sustainability" poster so you can make Earth Day every day.


​My Standards
Click here to download My Standards of Sustainability, which can be customized, then signed and submitted to demonstrate your own personal commitment.
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Standards of Sustainability
101 Tips for the Office
101 Tips for the Home
101 Tips for Travel
Energy Facts to Know
Bring Your Green to Work


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