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People and Culture

As a global organization, diversity and inclusion is woven into every aspect of CBRE's business. From the clients we serve, employees we retain and suppliers we use, to the services we offer and the markets in which we operate.

At CBRE, we see diversity and inclusion as an essential and enabling forces within our company. We are committed to fostering an environment that:

  • Reflects the diversity of clients we serve
  • Provides everyone with the opportunity to succeed
  • Values the differences of each individual, and
  • Recognizes their contributions to our firm's success

One example of this commitment is our corporate support for various employee networking groups:

African-American Networking Group

The mission of the African-American Network Group (AANG) is to create a platform that will enable CBRE to accentuate the value that is established through having a diverse employee base. Recruitment and retention are among the main objectives of AANG, which is comprised of licensed brokers.  The group's career development activities include generating, collecting, and sharing information in an effort to increase multi-market business opportunities; and its members are also identifying and targeting African-American firms and other companies that embrace diversity as potential new clients.

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Hispanic Networking Group

The CBRE Hispanic Network focuses on building meaningful relationships amongst CBRE Hispanic employees and the community to leverage entrepreneurial capabilities, increase professional development and business opportunities. Created in 2006, the goals of the Hispanic Network are to provide its members networking and information exchange opportunities; create opportunities for individual career development; recruit more minorities into the company; and position the Hispanic Network as a vehicle for community service and outreach.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Networking Group

The CBRE Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Networking Group provides an open-minded support system for conducting business and addressing the personal requirements of our LGBT community. The network acts as an advocate for and advisor to our LGBT employees, while helping shape CBRE practices and programs to ensure a business community in which merit supersedes sexual orientation and gender.

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Women's Networking Group

Good ideas come from people. Great ideas come from a group of people working together. Brilliant ideas come from a diverse group of people working together toward a common goal. This is the primary idea behind the Women's Network at CBRE. Started as a grassroots movement in 2000, the Women's Network was founded by a diverse group of employees who toward the common goal of making CBRE the best place to work, not just for women, but for everyone.

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