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Information for Shelters

Program Overview

  • Our vision is that every homeless child in America will have a birthday cake on his/her birthday with only his/her name on it.
  • Our goal is to establish the Birthday Cakes and More for Homeless Children Program in every city where our professionals work and live.
  • The cakes are given on the day of the child’s birthday.

Rules of the Program

  • The children do not need to say "thank you" for the cakes, to CBRE or to the shelter. Each child should be able to expect a cake on their birthday just as they should be able to expect food and shelter each day.
  • The cakes are given on the child’s birthday. If two children have the same birthday then two cakes should be provided.
  • The cakes will be the same quality we would give our own children.
  • The cakes should never be taken away as punishment or leveraged as a reward. Each child should receive a cake on their birthday regardless of behavior.
  • The shelter office should send receipt of a donation to CBRE at the end of each month.
  • Eligible birthday cake recipients are children ages one through eighteen.
  • Each month the shelter will provide the CBRE representative with a list of birthday children and their respective names and ages.

If you are interested in particpating in our Birthday Cakes and More program please contact Kathleen Thompson at or 202-585-5784.

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