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Success Stories

Mary Parks, Executive Director, Sisters Place
Our children love getting these cakes and their mothers often do not have the money to do this for their children even when they really want to do it.

Fortune Magazine - Heroes of the 500
CBRE Managing Director Myra Smith was named by Fortune magazine among its Heroes of the 500 for her work in launching CBRE Birthday Cakes & More for Homeless Children and expanding the program to offices throughout the company.

Mary Parks, Executive Director, and Jodie Tabano, Development Director, Sisters Place
Sisters Place has a lot to be thankful for. We are grateful to you and the trustees of CBRE for your ongoing support of our resident families and staff.

Charlottesville Newlex - Jennifer's Heroes: Cappelino's Crazy Cakes and CBRE
Through its partnership with Cappelino’s Crazy Cakes bakery, CBRE is making a positive impact on the children living at the local Salvation Army Shelter by delivering a dozen cupcakes every month to help the children celebrate their birthdays.

Peggy King, Director of Development YMCA
Over the years, your kind and consistent gift of birthday cakes and much more, have helped the YMCA to offer the best possible programs for the children who live here.


Joanne Olvera Lighter, President and CEO, The Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Thank you so much for understanding the “curative” effect of counting candles and making birthday wishes.

Betsey LaMarre, Program Director, St. Anne’s Place
Because of the tremendous care and support of CBRE volunteers, we have been able to provide 114 children with the opportunity to celebrate their birthday while living at St. Anne’s Place.

Linda A. Oberhause, Executive Director, The Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc.
The $1,500 that you collected and used to purchase gifts for all 80 of our shelter residents brought unexpected delight to women and children for whom “home” this holiday season has not felt safe.
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Star Bulletin - Child at Maili shelter thrilled by donated cake
CBRE’s Birthday Cakes & More for Homeless Children Program expands to Hawaii and delivers its first cake to a 13-year-old boy living at the Maili Land Transitional Housing Shelter.

Single Mother of Four Children, Kidspace Shelter
As a single parent, it means a lot to me to know that others also care about my kids. I would like to personally say “Thank You.” I appreciate all that the company stands for. You are appreciated by many.
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Seattle Shelter Residents Share Heartfelt and Handmade Thank You Notes
Thank you for giving us cakes for every kid that lives here. Thank you for making kids birthdays happier.

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