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Global Office Rent Cycle MarketView and Charts (Q3 2012)

Americas Markets Witnessing Rent Growth Momentum

​​The Q3 2012 CBRE Global Office Rent Cycle results were promising. Most markets in the Americas are seeing moderate rent growth, thanks to gradually strengthening employment dynamics in technology, healthcare, and energy industries. Furthermore, even against a tumultuous backdrop, EMEA’s markets have broadly stabilized, suspended in a holding pattern as occupiers wait for thick clouds of uncertainty to lift. The shortage of prime space throughout these two regions continues to uphold rent levels in markets such as Sao Paulo, London West End and Paris.

Asia Pacific’s Rent Cycle distribution was more dispersed than the other two regions, as occupiers kept an alert view on the broader economy and remained cost-conscious. Still, the majority of markets maintained current rent levels rather than shifting toward a declining quadrant of their cycle. Rent declines in Singapore and Hong Kong persist, but performance was better than expected across Singapore and in decentralized areas of Hong Kong. ​

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