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Global Office Indices MarketView (Q4 2011)

Stabilized Growth


The CBRE Global Rent and Global Capital Value Indices for office properties held steady in Q4 2011, rising 0.48% and 0.44%, respectively, similar to their growth pace in Q3 2011. However, compared with year-end 2010, the Global Rent Index increased 5.0%, while the Global Capital Index rose 8.2%, as much of the upward tempo in both indices occurred in the first half of 2011. The uncertainties surrounding the strength of many economies in the second half of 2011 contributed to both occupier and investor caution.

Of note:

  • Since the CBRE Global Office Rent Index began increasing in Q2 2010 the average quarterly growth rate through Q3 2011 was 1.2%, 72 bps higher than this quarter’s rate of 0.48%.
  • Similarly, the CBRE Global Office Capital Value Index reached bottom in Q4 2009, and its quarterly average growth rate through Q3 2011 was 2.2%, 176 bps above the current quarterly rate of 0.44%.

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