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Facilities Management

CBRE manages 2.9 billion square feet of commercial properties and corporate facilities and over $22 billion in operating expenses globally. The group leverages its network of internal experts, strategic partners, alliances and preferred suppliers to deliver actionable insights and measurable results to give clients a competitive advantage. We have developed “centers of excellence” in several areas to help our clients reduce costs while improving service levels. Examples include: 1) strategic sourcing to leverage our aggregate spend and promote group bidding across accounts, 2) technology tools that drive efficiency and increase the flow of information, 3) critical facilities to ensure uptime.

CBRE’s Facilities Management team, made up of over 5,700 FM professionals, have the ability to tap a vast network of variable resources, subject matter experts, and proven company best practices and processes to bolster the solution we provide to our clients. The innovations, combined with our economies of scale, enable our facility management platform to realize 15-20% savings in operating expenses for our clients. Our management model includes an Alliance Director to manage the overall client relationship, in addition to functional experts focused on key areas: 

  • Strategic Sourcing - comprehensive procurement network to leverage our $22 billion aggregate spend and promote group bidding across accounts.
  • Energy and Sustainability - largest global energy management platform with over 420 million SF of energy space and 16,450 locations managed.
  • Health & Safety Environment - over 75 HSSE professionals, 40 OSHA 501 Trainers, and over 60 HSSE network members.
  • Critical Facilities Management - leading manager of critical facilities such as headquarters and regional offices, manufacturing space, investment trading floors, 24/7/365 critical tier one through tier four data centers, distribution monitoring centers, network operating centers, call centers, test labs.
  • Lean Sigma Methodology - unique method of process improvement blending the principles of Lean methodology with those of Six Sigma. To date, more than 30 accounts have been trained in and supported by Lean-Sigma, including The U.S. General Services Administration, Bank of America, Ford, The International Monetary Fund, Microsoft and hundreds of employees of CBRE.
  • Technology – ServiceInsight (CMMS system), UtilityInsight (utility management), and FinancialInsight (accounting).

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