The CBRE Shelter Program aims to provide homes and shelter to those in need and support those causes that align with our business. Matching the concept of providing shelter with the enthusiasm and passion of CBRE professionals across the United States has a significant impact on the communities in which our employees live and work.

CBRE is pleased to partner with HomeAid and Rebuilding Together to further the CBRE Shelter Program. Habitat for Humanity also plays a key role in select markets. Each of these organizations are critical to the success of this program. They provide a national footprint, have extensive project and volunteer management experience, provide marketing support and expertise, have a track record of success and knowledge of working with corporate sponsors, and offer turn-key events that can be driven and implemented on a local level.

Each year, the CBRE Foundation has a specific budget to support corporate giving to causes related to shelter and poverty housing, environmental sustainability and community service. In addition, CBRE employees may earmark donated funds specifically for the Shelter Program. The CBRE Foundation will match all employee donations to the Shelter Program up to a specified budgeted amount annually.​​

Click here to learn about our dedicated BuildMonth, which encourages all CBRE employees to participate in rebuilding projects in their local communities. A selection of accolades for our program can be found here.

For more information on the Shelter Program, contact Kathleen Thompson.