In 2007, we announced our position on environmental sustainability, recognizing the responsibility that comes with our industry leadership position. Since then, we have improved our internal operations, engaged our clients globally to assist them in their sustainable practices, and collaborated with non-governmental organizations in dialog around environmental sustainability. In 2010, we became the first company in our industry to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations.

It is our policy to implement environmentally sustainable best practices and to meet both the letter and the spirit of all environmental laws and regulations where we do business. Further, this policy is designed to provide a more identifiable set of internal practices and programs that will strengthen our own environmental commitment.


This policy applies to all businesses and departments globally, including all corporate office locations, lines of business, shared services and operational business units.


CBRE's environmental sustainability efforts are focused in the following areas:

Resource Management

We will measure and report our own internal carbon footprint with a renewed focus on gaining actual results from self-metered utility data, and self-report all material Scope III emissions, including corporate travel, by 2013. We will develop standards and policies to reduce our energy and resource consumption and waste production, and report those results. For those areas under our control we will establish annual reduction targets and verify progress towards achieving these through continued development of environmental management programs in each of our global regions. By 2017, we will have the capability to monitor and measure utility usage in our 50 largest carbon emitting locations through the installation of separate metering devices.


We will continue to give preference to certified green buildings for our leased corporate facilities, and pursue interior design and construction certification using recognized green building standards such as LEED, BREEAM, and Green Star for our relocated or refurbished facilities larger than 20,000 square feet. By 2017, we will strive to locate at least 70% of our corporate facilities over 20,000 square feet in space or buildings with these recognized green building standards, as regionally appropriate. Smaller corporate facilities will work to meet minimum requirements based on these standards if certification is proved impractical.

Internal Certification

We will continue to promote and expand the Toward a Greener Tomorrow office certification program to all global offices over 5,000 square feet by the end of 2014. This program establishes protocols for the improved sustainable performance of CBRE occupied space to support our ongoing sustainability initiative.


We will continue to implement and advance procurement standards that incorporate sustainable best practices for furniture, paper, office supplies, computer equipment, printing devices and other relevant items. We will work with our suppliers and contractors to ensure that they can provide us reportable usage table metrics, improve their environmental standards and add value to our environmental performance.

Client Services

Understanding that our greatest impact is with the clients we serve and the assets we manage, we will continue to develop and grow a comprehensive energy and sustainability practice. We will provide advice and services to our clients, encouraging and collaborating with them to adopt or enhance responsible environmental policies and practices in their real estate holdings whenever possible.

Communications and Training

We will continue and expand our efforts to communicate our environmental commitment and programs to every CBRE employee, making certain that everyone is fully aware of the commitments we have made and their important role in helping us achieve our goals. We will expand our existing training efforts to ensure employees are informed about these issues and how to assist our clients in improving the performance and value of their assets through enhanced sustainable practices. Specifically, we will develop enhanced training programs for delivery through the company’s in-person and web-based training curriculum by the end of 2012, and we will train a minimum of 1,000 brokerage, sales and marketing professionals by 2015.​

Public Policy

CBRE has engaged a number of external groups in both the development and implementation of our environmental policy. We will continue to take an active role in the public policy debate regarding effective solutions to climate change. We will seek input from and contribute to environmental discussions through meetings and open dialogue with companies, institutions, shareholders, clients, non-governmental organizations, academia and government. We will continue to seek external partners for their input to the effective implementation of our goals.

Academic Collaboration

In 2012, we began a $1,000,000 research grant program seeking to discover new and innovative programs, practices and tools to advance innovations and thought leadership aid in the development and promotion of energy efficiency and sustainable practices. Entitled “Real Green Research Challenge,” the program will be developed and judged by a global panel of internal and external academic and business leaders.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We are subject to a wide variety of local, national, international environmental regulations, policies and guidelines. It is our policy to comply fully with all prevailing environmental laws and regulations throughout our international network of offices and to incorporate environmental best practices into our business culture and activities.

Corporate Responsibility and Reporting

We will use the annual Corporate Responsibility Report to present our progress and future goals in this important area. Specifically, we will continue to report our performance annually to the Carbon Disclosure Project, the GRI, and other sustainability metrics.

Global Sustainability Steering Committee

The Global Sustainability Steering Committee is accountable for implementing, governing and further developing this initiative. The committee is comprised of leadership from each business line, geographic region and operational segment.

We acknowledge our responsibility to demonstrate best working practices to our clients and other business partners. It is critical for our employees to support this policy and to provide guidance to those who seek our service and counsel.​​​​​​​​​​