What is the difference between an abstract and a proposal?

The abstract is a description of your idea contained within the submission​​ page. It represents the first step toward consideration for initial funding, which begins after evaluation of all submissions at the end of Phase 2 (February 28, 2013). Subsequent funding will be awarded to applicants based on fully developed research plans (i.e., “proposals”) submitted in Phase 3.

Will everyone who receives initial Phase 2 funding be eligible to receive Phase 3 funding?

Initial awardees will be considered for additional funding (Phase 3) based on the quality of a fully developed research plan as determined solely by the RGRC Judging Panel.

What if my project requires less funding and time than the RGRC funding period describes?

The RGRC Judging Panel is interested in all project types and their requested level of financial support. The only requirement is that submissions be characterized by new or innovative methods of research that produce substantive market outcomes, which typically take several years to establish.

Who sits on the RGRC Judging Panel?

CBRE has organized the panel around a select group of thought leaders and industry experts who have extensive knowledge of the built environment, as well as experience in the field of sustainability research. Each panelist is deeply committed to the progression of the green building movement based on real science and evolving market requirements.

On what criteria is the panel basing its initial funding decisions?

Many factors will contribute to determining RGRC 2012 awardees, especially at this level of overall funding and the many submissions expected. Judges will be looking closely at how well applicants meet these three criteria:

  • Ability to address a recognized and well-defined sustainability need in the built environment
  • Innovativeness and impact potential in the commercial real estate space 
  • Amount and caliber of third-party (non-CBRE) resources dedicated to the research and outcomes

Can I submit an in-process project?

Yes, as long as it meets RGRC criteria and is not being developed in conjunction with any other exclusive funding and/or partnership or external award that may preclude RGRC funding. All applicants will be required to agree to the Terms of Use and Conditions​ before submitting their initial idea. 

What if I'm not an academic or student?

Successful applicants will typically be part of an existing professional group or academic institution that supports the proposed research through established funding and/or a formal infrastructure, and which can become quickly aligned with RGRC developmental objectives.​​​​​

Should CBRE choose to support my idea, do I retain all rights to the research as it migrates through each phase of funding?

By entering the RGRC, all participants grant CBRE non-exclusive license to the material submitted, as described in the Terms of Use and Conditions​. By accepting initial funding, participants assign to CBRE all rights to content and information within this material. Applicants will also be required to sign additional documentation to confirm the assignment of rights to CBRE. CBRE will provide what it deems to be an appropriate amount of financial and resource support as the project develops over subsequent phases.​​​​​​

Additional questions...

Email: rgrc@cbre.com​​​