About Global LaborView

When it comes to navigating the global business environment, we recognize that the world is not round or even flat; it’s virtual and it’s fast. For several years, our clients have requested access to our analytics in a faster and more engaging w​​ay. To meet this demand, we created Global LaborView (GLV), a proprietary online application delivering leading demographic and economic indicators coupled with labor market and business intelligence on locations worldwide. GLV is a starting point for companies to research and evaluate pivotal aspects of their business more efficiently.

Leveraging both our data analytics and market intelligence over the last 17 years through GLV’s intuitive interface marks a milestone for us, and represents a new era for our clients. With a click of a mouse, our clients have the ability to customize their analysis, compare critical labor market metrics and monitor competitive market activity.

GLV represents our commitment to providing best-in-class solutions for our clients. It is our sincere desire that Global LaborView will become a valuable addition to our clients’ corporate decision-making process – providing an efficient and streamlined way for companies to better understand the dynamics of U.S. labor markets and the platform to further evaluate location opportunities worldwide.


Mark Seeley
Global Practice Leader
Senior Managing Director