Argentina: What You Need to Know

CBRE Argentina: What You Need to Know 

Argentina comprises 23 provinces plus the Autonomous City of ​​Buenos Aires, the country´s capital city. Argentina is the eighth country in the world to have the largest territory, and the second within Latin America, covering more than 3.8 million of square kilometers. The country has an approximate population of 41 million habitants of which 13 million live in the Buenos Aires Province and in Capital Federal.

Its´ location in Latin America gives the country an ample variety of land and culture. From its Antarctic regions in the south to the forested jungle regions in the north; from the ocean coastline on the Atlantic to the rugged mountain regions in the west; and bordering five other countries, Argentina positions itself as an important cultural and economic link in all South America.

Argentina borders Paraguay and Bolivia in the north, Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast and Chile in the south and west. Thanks to its extended length and elevations the country presents diverse climates throughout its territory.

The country benefits from rich natural resources (including land suitable for livestock and crops, fisheries, oil, natural gas, gold and silver among many other minerals), a highly literate population, an export-oriented agricultural sector and a diversified industrial base. Argentina is one of the world´s major agricultural producers, ranking third worldwide in production of honey, soybeans and sunflower seeds. Soy and its byproducts are major export commodities the country counts with.​​​​​​​​​​