Significant Assignments

Office Floors Acquired in Buenos Aires

Purchase of 33.000 sqm of office space in the new building Catalinas Norte, located in Buenos Aires. The deal was finalized in 2013 and it reached a value of USD 170.000.000, considered it to be one of the biggest commercial real estate transactions in Argentina´s history.

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​Office Space Acquisition in Buenos Aires

3.800 sqm of office space acquired in the Al Río Building, located in the outskirts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The transaction was made in 2013 and it had a closing price of USD 20.000.000.

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Relocation in Buenos Aires

Search of 12.000 sqm of office space of corporate quality to lease in order to relocate an important bank´s headquarters. Possibility of growing and of keeping the building´s corporate image.

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​Headquarters Relocation

Search and purchase of a 20.000 sqm building with a strong corporate image, located in a submarket which abides by the importance of the company´s corporate identity.

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Headquarters Relocation, Purchase of Land

Location evaluation for the purchase of a 55.000 sqm plot of land for the construction of a new corporate building. Options analysis and purchase management.

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New Corporate Building

Search of a plot of land in Vicente López, subsequent sale to a development firm with the compromise to build a 12.00 sqm office building that would fulfill the client´s needs and specifications.

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Three-Building Project

The client was looking for a 30.000 sqm office building in the Panamericana corridor. As that surface was not available in the market at that time, a local developer interested in constructing and then leasing the building to the client was found. Two buildings were constructed with more than 20.390 sqm; and a third building was then built with additional 14.000 sqm.

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Industrial Services:  Re-Location and Sale

The project consisted of the relocation of an industrial plant and commercial offices in the North Zone of Gran Buenos Aires for an international company leader in labeling and packaging. Searching for and selecting 5.000 sqm, planning and executing the operation and then selling the property owned by the firm in Capital Federal.

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Portfolio Valuation

Periodic valuation of a 80.000 sqm portfolio, property of one of the largest Real Estate companies in Argentina. Thanks to this type of assignments, CBRE Argentina´s Valuation Department has consolidated as one of the main external consultants in the local market.

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Advisory Services for a Portfolio of Closed Urbanizations

Evaluation of a closed-urbanizations portfolio in Patagonia, with more than 1.000 plots for important global financial company.

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Project Management for a Communications Company

New space project concerning 2.500 sqm of offices but with significant time and budget constraints due to the failure of past projects. In order to provide transparency and credibility, CBRE implemented strict timelines and procedures, and weekly monitored budgets and cash flows. The project was delivered on time, and with an important saving: 30% of the total budget.

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Moving to a New Location and Restacking the Existing Building

Project for an international credit card company. The Project Management team carried out the moving process of 50% of the company to a new location which also implied the transition to an open office. The project also demanded restacking the existing building while people were still working there. The moving phase involved 4.400 sqm and the restacking one 5.000 sqm. The whole process was finalized in 13 months.
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Land Search and Location Development for Technology Company in Cordoba

The project started with the search of a plot of land in Córdoba and the latter development of the 5.000 sqm location. In order to achieve this, CBRE provided a wide spectrum of services: Transactions, Project Management, Facility Management and Construction Management. The project continued some years later with the need to incorporate another core & shell building of 5.000 sqm with a time limit of 6 months. The project was delivered on time, and on budget, with savings.
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Facility Management for Global Technology Company

8% of office space reduction.
25% energy saving.
25% janitorial reduction.
18% security reduction.
0 accidents.
Recycling implementation.
250.000 SF in 11 countries.
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Facility Management for International Telecommunications Company

Total savings: 16% per year.
70 contracts reviewed.
Search and deal with regional suppliers across Latin America.
295.000 SF in 11 countries.
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Acquisition of Three New Spaces for Important International Internet Company

This company is constantly growing and in search of providing its employees a unique work environment. In 2012 it needed to acquire three new office spaces which implied multiple landlords and multiple due dates. The company´s speed of growth obliged the project to be carried out with strict time constraints, which turned out to be a challenge due to the complexity of the task, the diverse landlord profiles and the scarce availability of office space in the market. The GCS team was able to finish the project on time and managed to get convenient lease rates.
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