Market Outlook

Greater Monterrey is second only to Mexico City in its industrialization and world class production of steel, glass, cement, plastics, chemicals and other industrial products.

Monterrey has been the industrial leader of northern Mexico for over 100 years, and it is one of the few cities in the interior of Mexico capable of handling large-scale operations. Any company with plans to establish an operation in Mexico should seriously consider Monterrey.

The State of Nuevo Leon, the City of Monterrey and various public and private economic development organizations have focused their emphasis on bringing for-export manufacturing to Monterrey.  These efforts have been successful beyond most expectations with Monterrey now a magnet for foreign investment.

Market Composition


Monterrey's industrial market is divided in six industrial areas (industrial corridors) : Apodaca, Santa Catarina, San Nicolás, Escobedo, Cienega de Flores and Guadalupe corridor.

Recently Monterrey's industrial market has  reported significant activity in Build to Suit projects, and most of them located in the Metropolitan Area's industrial parks. Speculative transactions in buildings have been limited both in terms of number


The office market in Monterrey is distributed in six corridors: Valle, Valle Oriente, Margain Gómez Morin, Santa María, Insurgentes-San Jerónimo-Constitución y Monterrey Centro.

The Valle Oriente and Constitucion zones have undoubtedly consolidated themselves as the city's corporate corridors. These two areas are characterized by large-scale projects and, possess a better road infrastructure than the rest of the city. Meanwhile, the Valle zone continues to be significantly attractive for smaller-scale corporate developments in view of density levels, land availability, costs and strict regulations on building guidelines.


There are good market opportunities in the commercial sector, based on positive results and the growth of new zones in the Monterrey metropolitan area.