In 2003, CBRE established the CBRE Foundation, a non-profit, public benefit corporation that funds the company’s philanthropic initiatives.

Since its formation, the CBRE Foundation has supported local and global response efforts, signature programs unique to the company including Birthday Cakes and More for Homeless Children and the Shelter Program, and select charitable partners. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors, Officers and Operating Committee—all of which include representatives from various company service lines, divisions and departments. In 2006, the Foundation was repurposed to encompass the governance and execution of CBRE Cares, CBRE’s corporate philanthropic program. The Foundation furthers the company’s ideals and its commitment to the community and fosters a culture of giving.

Click here to donate to the CBRE Foundation and the CBRE Disaster Relief Foundation.

CBRE Foundation Board of Directors

  • Calvin W. Frese, Jr. - CEO, Americas
  • J. Christopher Kirk - Chief Administrative Officer
  • Michael J. Lafitte - Chief Operating Officer

CBRE Foundation Officers

  • Calvin W. Frese, Jr., Foundation President
  • Brian McAllister, Foundation Vice President & Assistant Secretary
  • Laura O'Brien, Foundation Secretary
  • Kathleen Thompson, Foundation Assistant Secretary
  • Debera Fan, Foundation Treasurer
  • Gil Borok, Foundation Controller

CBRE Foundation Operating Committee

  • Kathleen Thompson, Director
  • Shane Ellis, Accountant - Donations and Disbursements
  • Katherine Haug, Communications & Media Manager
  • Sarah Laufer, Senior Communications Specialist
  • Dawn Smith, Web Marketing Manger