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Make a calculated decision.

Compare traditional vs. co-working office leasing options to make an informed decision.

Business is changing faster than ever before and companies are focused on maximizing agility to stay ahead. As a result, numerous flexible space solutions are now available to office tenants. Comparing flexible lease options to traditional leases is a difficult process due to a number of variables. To simplify the process, CBRE created CALC, a product designed to easily compare the cost of a flexible lease to a traditional lease. CALC employs a CBRE proprietary model that addresses the two key challenges in comparing these lease types:

  • Different pricing structures.
  • Impact of headcount uncertainty.

With just a few clicks, CALC generates an interactive report that can be used in a consultative conversation with your client.

Key features include:

  • EVALUATE OPTIONS: See a clear, concise financial breakdown highlighting the break-even year, when a traditional lease becomes more cost-effective than a flexible lease.
  • CUSTOMIZE VARIABLES: Define the company profile and explore growth and risk scenarios in an easy to use, modern interface.
  • COMPARE SCENARIOS: Explore best and worst case scenarios across various lease terms to understand the true cost of real estate over time.
  • SAVE & SHARE: Create a report to guide an informed discussion about traditional and flexible leasing options.

    To learn more about CALC, contact your CBRE representative or email us

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