TOPS is CBRE’s proprietary Asia Pacific Valuations management platform. TOPS serves as an end-to-end workflow management, data capture and reporting tool.

By using TOPS, CBRE’s Asia Pacific Valuation professionals can deliver far-reaching data and broad market analytics to clients, supported by innovative and smart technology developed in-house. The TOPS platform is supported by agile software and next generation technology architecture. CBRE’s regional Valuations team have complete information access to TOPS via desktop, tablet or laptop, with continual access to live data and analytics. This data provides CBRE’s clients with the advantage of actionable intelligence required for accessible, responsive and productive decision making.

Key features include:

  • COVERAGE: Complete market coverage drawing from CBRE’s extensive basic property, leasing/sales and valuation database.
  • MOBILITY: Mobile access via desktop, tablet or laptop ensures that valuations data can be delivered any time, any where.
  • AGILITY: TOPS Delivery team reacts to shifts in market requirements through agile software solutions within rapid timeframes.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Supports 350+ active daily users remotely while also providing the flexibility of issuing customized reports to clients on request.

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About CBRE's Technology Suite

TOPS is a flagship tool within CBRE Vantage, our Suite of Enablement Technologies. With proprietary data across all asset classes, coupled with our people’s unrivaled global expertise, CBRE Vantage powers superior outcomes for every client we serve.