How to Re-enter the Workforce with Confidence


Having kids is a gamechanger. It affects so many aspects of your life, and inevitably forces you to rethink your approach to how you do things differently – particularly in regards to work. 

For many, your priorities in life and perspective on a lot of things have changed, and you may find yourself asking not just if you’re ready to go back to work, but if your previous career is even compatible with your new life?  

Add to this the logistical challenges of even getting out the front door and, understandably, re-entering the workforce (after any amount of time off) can feel pretty overwhelming.  

Here are 4 considerations that will help you to re-enter the workforce with confidence:

1. Redefine yourself – you haven’t lost skills, you’ve gained them!

Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for a few months, 12 months or longer, it’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve fallen behind or somehow lost skills. Actually though – you’ve gained them! Your organization and project management skills are probably 10 times better than they were before and your ability to multitask has gone through the roof! These are all skills that employers want, so make sure you add them to your CV and embrace them!

2. Find the way that works for you

It’s ok not to go back to the fulltime hustle. You are going through a massive change and you will most likely be reassessing how you want to work going forward. Take your time and look at your options. Be open to exploring new possibilities and ways of working that might better suit your changed lifestyle. Are you able to negotiate a flexible work arrangement? Can you reduce or alter your hours to better suit your childcare arrangements? Could trying a part time or casual role to provide greater flexibility? It’s ok to start slow. 

3. Find time to focus on what you’ll need

Planning is key here. Work clothes for example – try everything on (including shoes, those silly swollen feet!) in advance to see if your work wardrobe still works for you. It’s ok to acknowledge you may need to make some adjustments to feel comfortable and confident in yourself. And, if you are still breastfeeding and plan to continue, make sure you have everything you need and that your workplace has a comfortable space to enable you to do this.

4. Prepare for and embrace the unexpected

Let’s face it, kids can be wildly unpredictable beings! Getting ready on your first morning would be easy if you didn’t have to juggle getting a tiny human ready at the same time! The best laid plans can fast go out the window for example, if suddenly your new work outfit ends up with someone’s breakfast all over it! Plan as best you can for getting out that front door, but also be ready to steady yourself, refocus and enact Plan B if something (or someone) disrupts Plan A!

Open the door to future opportunities

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