Data Centres in India - Powering Up Real Estate in a Data High Era, September 2022

September 26, 2022

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In an increasingly data-driven world, Data Centres (DCs) are becoming the cornerstone of digital infrastructure. As the DC industry tends to evolve faster, in this report we have explored new-age strategies across every aspect of a DC’s lifecycle as listed below:

  • Invest: Over the last five years, the Indian DC market witnessed investment announcements of about USD 14 billion; investments in the market are now expected to cross USD 20 billion by 2025
  • Locate: DC stock in India grew by about 47% since 2019 to touch around 600 MW by H1 2022; more than 400 MW is currently under construction across several cities
  • Build: Given the growth of the industry and the investment flow, DC owners and operators are mandated to ensure their white space (IT Infrastructure) strategies are future-ready
  • Manage & operate: DC operations would be optimised by amalgamating physical facilities, technology and a sound operational strategy with common goals
  • Sustainability: DC operators are exploring opportunities to create efficiencies, reduce costs and support the environment through smart investments, IT strategies and energy management