Midwest US Industrial Labor - 2022

30 Aug 2022

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  • In this report the largest 21 markets in the Midwest were evaluated based on the current transportation and warehouse labor situations. This report also looks at the historic rise in industrial demand as measured by industrial completions and net absorption, and the resulting increase in demand for skilled and affordable industrial labor.
  • Based on information collected by CBRE Labor Analytics Group (CBRE LAG), the Midwest has an average distribution labor score of 102 (2% above the national average), with multiple markets greatly exceeding the national average.
  • T&W Employment grew 24.4% over the last five years in the Midwest. Overall T&W employment in the Midwest totals 1.0 million workers. For comparison overall employment had a 0.0% growth compared to five years ago as the market continues to recover from the employment losses in 2020.
  • 12 Midwest markets posted impressive five-year Transportation and Warehouse (T&W) employment growth totals over 20%. A total of 6 markets exceeded a 30% T&W employment growth rate over the last 5 years including Columbus (60.3%), Cincinnati (49.2%), Detroit (40.5%), Cleveland (40.1%), Des Moines (36.1%), and Akron (31.0%).