Report | Adaptive Spaces

One Size Fits None: Scale Variations in Office Occupiers’ Post-Pandemic Strategies

23 Jun 2022

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Key Highlights:

  • Hybrid-working dominates new ways of operating, some large corporates are focusing on a top-down approach, and smaller corporates are on a more informal path
  • Demand for flex space is rising with large corporates seeing the benefit of reducing capital expenditure, and smaller corporates seeing flex as a dispersed workforce solution
  • Larger occupiers’ strategies to focus on ESG will predominately revolve around the ‘E’ with a focus on sustainability, whilst smaller corporates are more interested in the ‘S’ with a focus on employee wellbeing
  • Flight-to-quality continues to propel demand for prime space across the size spectrum
  • While certain common themes are evident, an understanding of the varying needs and priorities of different-sized occupiers will be increasingly important for landlords