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The Future of Sustainability Standards

03 Aug 2021 15 Minute Read


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Sustainability standards are continually evolving. But how do we know which ones will really make a difference, and which ones should be adopted by real estate decision makers for reporting and analysis?

The range of available standards, of varying scope and detail, can be confusing. Global standards are changing rapidly – becoming wider, deeper, more complex. Some are moving from voluntary benchmarks to legally-binding regulation, with the UK among the leading jurisdictions.

CBRE’s new report aims to help keep real estate investors ahead of the game by cutting through the jargon and the acronyms. We explain the landscape of standards as it stands now. We also examine the evidence to predict how these standards might evolve in the future, at global, European and UK level.

Click here to read our accompanying blog, as pressure for firms to contribute to social and environmental goals increases, measurement of that contribution has become more pressing to ensure that everyone is ‘playing by the same rules’.

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