Los Angeles' Beating Heart: Healthcare as a Pillar of Economic Growth January 2021

February 4, 2021

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The future of Los Angeles is grounded in Healthcare. 

In the popular imagination, Los Angeles is routinely associated with entertainment and aerospace, and these industries continue to be dynamic elements of the region’s economic base. But, more so than any other sector, healthcare has driven the region’s economic growth over the last three decades. More significantly, though, the sector’s growth promises to continue in the coming years.

With roughly 440,000 workers, the regional healthcare industry is both an economic and real estate powerhouse. The importance of healthcare regionally owes a great deal to the area’s unparalleled talent base and supportive infrastructure. Los Angeles is home to many top tier medical institutions including two hospitals ranked in the top ten nationally. These institutions are the engine for the healthcare industry and the catalyst for a dynamic regional economy