CBRE provides a wide array of Facility Management resources in order to strategically administrate our clients' workplaces, our primary strengths being the consistency, transparency, sustainability and flexibility applied to each solution. In order to achieve this, we count with appropriate human resources and technological tools, the capacity to hire space and services at the most competitive price possible, knowledge on sustainability principles applied to each resource and tools which guarantee continuous improvements. We manage to enhance quality; we optimize operations and reduce operating expenses.

The Facility Management Department is structured as a global network of employees, strategic partners and carefully selected vendors. We devote ourselves to design strategic solutions for each client, putting special attention on users' satisfaction, risk management, sustainability and aiming for competitive costs.

The Facility Management area synthesizes corporate objectives and individual missions. Our work methodology along with our economy of scale allows the Facility Management platform to reduce operating expenses by 12-18%.

Services & Solutions

- Building Management
- Operations and Engineering
- Critical Facilities
- Energy Management
- Health, Safety and Sustainability
- Strategic Sourcing
- Financial Reports and Analysis
- Procurement Management

Why Work with Us?

- CBRE is responsible for the services provided to the client.
- The clients interact with only one company, working together with a SPOC (single point of contact).
- CBRE transfers the direct costs of the services hired to the client and doesn't accept fees for them.
- Cost optimization.
- Operating risk control.
- Wide portfolio of professional solutions.
- Workplace optimization.

We also interact and work together with other CBRE's business lines in order to deliver experience, knowledge and resources that allow our clients to satisfy their business needs and reach their real estate objectives.