Although we aim for big results, our solutions deal with even the smallest details.

Thanks to our unparalleled market knowledge and to our vast experience, we are able to help develop and execute strategies that align, in the best possible way, with the client´s needs and requirements in order to achieve the best financial result.

Rental ideal negotiations are different for an established company than for one commencing. This is where CBRE´s value resides: we know and have analyzed market trends, opportunities and possibilities. Our job consists of interpreting data and converting it into valuable and significant information about the market so as to benefit our clients.


- Current situation analysis
- Financial analysis of relocation projects
- Financial and valuation services
- Cost analysis
- Space optimization analysis
- Market research
- Market surveys
- Property analysis
- Lease negotiation
- Commitment with the environment

We also interact and work together with other CBRE business lines in order to deliver experience, knowledge and resources that will allow our clients to satisfy their business needs and reach their real estate objectives.​​​​​​​