Professional Experience

Associated Office


St Martin's Court
London EC4M 7HP

Alero has over 20 years’ experience working across multiple disciplines including portfolio and workplace strategy, facilities and service management, design, occupancy planning and management. Her skillset has led to successful development of multi-disciplinary projects/programmes for global clients across all sectors, always introducing a strategic approach to align people, process and technology. Every programme has the client at the centre of the solution from the outset and is designed to evolve to meet the changing needs of her clients. Alero has great experience interpreting client needs into pragmatic technology and data solutions. Working closely with technology providers and partners has developed solutions that are best in class in our industry.

She has great success in implementing, migrating and evolving Integrated Workplace Management Systems for global clients including ARCHIBUS, Planon, Serraview and Manhattan and various room booking systems for global clients.

Alero’s focus on product development has resulted in the creation of an end to end solution that supports employee engagement, change management, occupancy planning, project management with overarching data governance and automation across all disciplines.