Bridgid Kreutzjans

Senior Project Manager

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Professional Experience

Professional Experience

As Senior Project Manager, Bridgid Kreutzjans serves as the specific point of contact - Program Lead for the Tyco account. Ms. Kreutzjans is responsible for the hiring, oversight, training and development of project managers selected to execute construction projects on the TYCO Account. Projects vary from renovations, new construction, tenant improvements, construction management and Design A/E management. She is also responsible for determining the project schedule and construction budgets. She is a client advocate through all phases of construction process providing quality assurance.  All projects are known to be delivered to the client on time and within budget.

  • Ms. Kreutzjans joined CBRE in 2011 with a diverse background in project management, strategic planning, value engineering, budgeting, problem solving, and program management. Her strong hands-on knowledge provides better project execution and oversight of the construction process.

JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
  • Ms. Kreutzjans worked more than 10 years for JM family Enterprises, a diverse automotive corporation whose principle business focuses on Toyota vehicle distribution. Ms. Kreutzjans managed various types of projects from technology to construction projects.
  • Other projects: Tenant build-outs, Training Centers, Credit Unions, Hair Salons, Medical Clinics, Corporate Yachts and Residences.