Chris Bahr

Director, Senior Managing, Global Head, EV Charging Business Development & Sales

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321 N. Clark Street
Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60654

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Chris is a seasoned global enterprise executive with large-company and start-up experience, including over 20 years with IBM's Software Group. Today, Chris leads Global EV Solutions at CBRE with a focus on business development. He is passionate about creating business value and positive transformation with technology. He is committed to the belief that corporate sustainability and diversity initiatives are aligned with improving business performance, outcomes, and shareholder value.

Over the course of his career, Chris has demonstrated success in leading new ventures and complex business challenges. He has a long track record of retooling and professionalizing revenue functions and subsequently producing significant growth.


  • Bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of Vermont
  • MBA, Georgetown University


Chris has lived and worked with teams in New York, Washington DC, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Seoul and Chicago. Chris graduated from the University of Vermont and received an MBA from Georgetown University.