Professional Experience

Associated Office


400 S Hope Street,
25th Floor,
Los Angeles, CA, 90071

Erika Cuizon joined CBRE in 2016 as an administrator for Stephen Bay, Clay Hammerstein and Danny Rees, the region’s leading multinational tenant occupier team, based out of Los Angeles - Global Headquarters. She plays an integral role managing day-to-day operations, including transaction management, financial terms and principals, lease agreement and deal file compliance, business development/marketing, research, reporting, brand integrity, internal communications, content writing, press releases and digital media presence.

Prior to joining CBRE, Erika was a Sr. Associate in Geographic Marketing at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She offers 10+ years of corporate experience obtained from top ranking Fortune 500 and Big Four Firms such as ILFC and PwC. Playing well in the big leagues taps into high performance team playing, people skills and adaptability of successfully working with diverse backgrounds and industries.

Erika is passionate about client care, growth and leading through authenticity.