Ezra Weinblatt

Senior Vice President

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Professional Experience

Ezra Weinblatt, a Senior Vice President of CBRE’s Advisory & Transaction Services team in Washington, D.C., established his practice in 2004. Prior to joining CBRE, Mr. Weinblatt served as Senior Vice President at The Ezra Company, a tenant only firm. As a top producer, he provides advisory, strategy and negotiation services to support acquisition and disposition requirements.

With a passion and aptitude for helping clients improve their organization, he creates options, charts strategy, and leverages his network to negotiate favorable outcomes utilizing a unique competitive bid process. Mr. Weinblatt represents innovative organizations from across various industries including: consulting, tech, health, nonprofit, media, marketing, financial and legal.

Growing up in a family dedicated to public service, his father a clergyman & mother a child refugee turned teacher, he was ingrained with values of integrity, fairness, diplomacy and grit. Bringing that mindset and dedication to his work, he has developed a reputation as an unwavering advocate for his clients. Creative at heart and intellectually curious, he exhibits a keen ability to approach and solve complex multi-dimensional problems by drawing on a vast array of experiences and ongoing education and interests.