Kenneth Truax

Project Manager

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2000 Town Center
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Southfield, MI 48075

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Ken’s primary role as Project Manager with CBRE is to provide Move Management services. Ken has a strong background in Facilities and Relocation Management. Ken also oversees the complex relocation management projects that have encompass tight construction dealines and logistical management issues. His trademark with CBRE is his ability to coordinate large team that was responibility for implementing move management services in Seattle, WA. Ken has been with CBRE for 5 years.

Ken has managed and assisted on projects and project budgets on a local and international level; he has participated in all aspects of facility change and has overseen more than a dozen highly complicated moves including laboratory relocations and consolidations of several staff locations into single sites. Ken is particularly skilled in move-team organization, database development and tech-heavy relocations. His experience includes: planning and implementation of physical move plans; organization, creation and maintenance of project databases; production of move schedules; technical support for electronic deliverables; creation of inventory databases; vendor coordination and relations; coordination and supervision of computer disconnect/reconnects; on-site move preparation and supervision.