Lourdes Rodil

Real Estate Manager

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777 Brickell Avenue
Suite 1100
Miami, FL 33131

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Lourdes Rodil joined CBRE in June 2007 as a Real Estate Manager. Her commercial real estate experience includes local and regional firms as well as GSA clients. Currently, Lourdes is responsible for the daily operations of 396 Alhambra, a Class A office building in Coral Gables, where she coordinates vendor services, oversees lease compliance, builds tenant relations, and manages financial reporting services. In addition to working closely with the owners to develop, improve and showcase their property, she partners with Technical Services to develop an effective preventive maintenance program and outline appropriate projects to maximize the asset’s value.

When working with tenants, Lourdes develops and maintains professional relationships and anticipates potential issues by performing site visits and inspections. Lourdes tailors tenant relations programs to the property and tenant, and her diligent follow-up, communication skills, and attention to detail contribute to successful property operations.

In all phases of property management, including budgeting, general operations, lease administration, contracting, tenant relations, retention programs and construction supervision, Lourdes excels at providing a quick response to landlord and tenant requirements. Lourdes has the proven ability to facilitate cost savings and grow revenue through analytical thinking and intelligent financial management.

Lourdes’ sound business practices, coupled with her influence with the vendor community, provide our clients with first class expertise in the operation and maintenance of their properties.