Dallas, TX

CBRE’s Response to Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

02 Mar 2022

Our global fundraising campaign, launched March 1, 2022, has met with an overwhelming response. Contributions have poured in from our employees around the world, reflecting the passion they feel for aiding the people of Ukraine during this time of dire need.

CBRE strongly denounces Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has precipitated the humanitarian crisis. This aggression is rightly being opposed by most of the world community. We urge the leaders of Russia to immediately cease their military action.

We continue to prioritize – as we have from the outset – assistance for our colleagues at CBRE’s affiliate in Ukraine. We mobilized quickly – with the active support of our Central & Eastern European colleagues – to offer them help with temporary housing, transportation options and direct monetary support.

Among the Russian people, we have hundreds of colleagues and friends, who remain hard at work in support of our clients with operations there. We are motivated by our obligations to our clients as they assess their operations under rapidly changing circumstances.

We find daily inspiration from the Ukrainian people’s intrepid actions and will continue to support equitable humanitarian assistance that supports everyone who is suffering.   

March 1, 2022:
CBRE has launched a global fundraising campaign, matching employee donations to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to support humanitarian relief efforts for the people of Ukraine. In addition, we are focused on the safety and security of our colleagues in Ukraine who work for Expandia, a CBRE affiliate. The crisis in Ukraine is heartbreaking. We hope to help ease the suffering by contributing to humanitarian assistance.