Is Integrated Delivery Right for You?


The CBRE Institute studied the history, processes, organizational structures and overall evolution of approaches of many of our clients’ Corporate Real Estate and Facilities (CRE&F) organizations.  The study revealed several factors driving CRE&F leaders to begin exploring and adopting new organizational approaches to optimize business outcomes—namely, more integrated, holistic and outcome-centric delivery models. 

For the last three decades, as corporations have established formal CRE&F functions, they have typically organized around key service areas: Strategic Planning, Real Estate, Capital Projects, Facilities and Finance.

Now many CRE&F leaders are finding themselves challenged by these organizational silos, coupled with service provider fragmentation, inconsistent processes, disparate technology systems and incomplete data.  CRE&F leaders lack the ability to get a total view of their portfolios or monitor and measure the value they are delivering.

The question now being asked by these CRE&F leaders is simple: Is there a better way? CRE&F organizations are recognizing the necessity of evolving their internal organizational and delivery models to be even more business centric, technically capable, streamlined and agile. 

At the heart of this evolution is the need to deliver increasingly outsized outcomes to the business—faster and more cost effectively.

With this in mind, CRE&F leaders are beginning to see the transformational opportunity that a truly integrated, business outcome-oriented approach can deliver:


This insight is subtle but important: while functional excellence is critical and foundational, the reality is that no one service line is truly capable of delivering the ultimate outcome—and value—on its own. For example, if a corporation wants to drive significant footprint reduction while transforming the workplace environment and employee experience, this outcome cannot be delivered by a single function performing alone. It’s only through the thoughtful integration of strategy, transaction management, project management and facility/workplace activities that the optimal business outcome will be achieved.

So, where to begin? The journey to better outcomes starts with the development of a customized, integrated delivery framework—which is described is greater detail within this report.

Should you be interested in exploring integrated delivery, CBRE Institute would be pleased to host a briefing and workshop to understand your business goals and explore the potential path forward. Please reach out directly to Karen Ellzey or Chris Perri in the Americas, Guy Holden in EMEA, or Phil Rowland in APAC.

Managing Global Corporate Real Estate and Facilities

Managing Global Corporate Real Estate and Facilities

A Survey of Current Corporate Practices
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The Integration Equation

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