CBRE's Integrated Laboratory Solutions (iLS) team is dedicated to supporting and enhancing your business-critical laboratory operations. We enable greater scientific focus, increasing time on science and promoting scientific discovery. Our team specializes in world-class lab design, instrument service, repair and calibration, and a wide range of integrated laboratory support services to both reduce costs and maximize asset uptime and availability. We find our solutions can typically free up 15% - 25% of a research scientist's non-core activity; enabling more time to focus on the science, optimizing operations, and maximizing value for our clients.

We drive savings and increase self-performance in specialty and regulated spaces, offering services and areas of expertise including:

  • Sourcing and multi-vendor management
  • Data advisory
  • Innovation and program management
  • Scientific customer engagement
  • Laboratory Instrument Support (LIS)
  • Laboratory Technical Services (LTS)
  • General Laboratory Services (GLS)
  • Calibration house

Download this report discussing ways in which laboratories of the future will be structured, equipped, staffed, operated, and maintained.
Lab of the Future