The Outlook for 2017

For the past five years, rapid change has taken place against a backdrop of weaker-than-normal economic growth; however, we believe it likely that growth will be stronger in 2017. The mild recession in the oil and commodities sector is over, unemployment continues to fall, and governments are starting to invest more in much-needed infrastructure upgrades.

All of the real estate sectors we review in this outlook for 2017 are in the process of reinventing themselves to accommodate technology-driven changes in business operations. Although the rate of change is rapid, it is the most exciting and interesting time to be involved in commercial real estate. In addition to macroeconomics and real estate coverage, our 2017 Global Real Estate Market Outlook has five key research themes:

  • Capital markets: the search for alternatives
  • Office: new work styles, new locations
  • Retail: changing technology
  • Industrial: transformation of the supply chain
  • Hotel: new experiences, new platforms

Regional and Country Outlooks

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