As tech continues to disrupt our daily lives, CBRE India research conducted a survey of leading corporates (Indian and global) to understand how technology is impacting their decision making on three aspects: Business, Talent and Real Estate.

The survey concludes that digitization is happening NOW – more than half the respondents have already established tech-based teams - about 20% prefer hiring millennials as they are more digitally equipped.

  • Tech related disruptions will be felt the most by mid - level and low value-add employees. Back-office and offshoring operations will also get impacted.
  • Despite this, the allure of India as a business hub and a market remains strong. More than half of the respondents indicated that they remain bullish on hiring in India in the tech era.

Almost 2/3rds of the respondents were also positive about their future office space needs in India in this digital age, even as they continue to use tech to monitor / optimize their space usage in India.