There are many ways property managers can enhance the user experience of buildings. Overall, for all property sectors, the key amenity is parking. Office tenants also want to see more wellness and social facilities, while retail tenants want property managers to help attract shoppers. Industrial tenants desire more maintenance and security. Parking areas are particularly important for retail, with 93% of respondents indicating that they are extremely or very important to the company bottom line—unsurprising given that ease of access is critical to attracting a consumer to a shopping center.

The value that retail tenants place on physical amenities is much greater than for office and industrial tenants. In addition to parking facilities, exterior visibility, signage, loading docks and garbage disposal are all ranked highly by retail respondents.

Although parking facilities are also rated highly by office tenants, physical amenities in general are less of a priority for them. Conference centers and wellness facilities feature at the top of the list, including fitness centers, cafeterias and coffee bars, especially for APAC respondents.

Industrial tenants are interested in food trucks, possibly because they have too few workers to make cafeterias or restaurants viable. The use of mobile food & beverage facilities to meet tenant demand for food amenities is an area for greater creativity in industrial property management.

The survey also indicates the likelihood of strong unmet demand for technology services beyond the provisions of a powerful broadband connectivity. They can also carefully monitor demand, and provide feedback and the business case for change to be discussed with owners and investors. Leading-edge property managers will expand the range of services they provide.

CBRE Research: Global Tenant Survey 2018 


Office Tenants Want More Wellness and Social Facilities

There is a clear desire by office users for wellness and social facilities. A higher percentage of large companies expressed interest in the wellness and social facilities than did small companies. In the Americas, respondents indicate a greater desire for coffee bars than in EMEA and APAC. Day care for children ranks highly in the Americas and APAC, and could become an increasingly sought-after amenity as more millennials start families. In EMEA, a desire for bike rooms stood out as being of considerably more interest than in the other regions.

CBRE Research: Global Tenant Survey 2018

CBRE Research: Global Tenant Survey 2018 

Retail Tenants Want Owners to Help Attract Shoppers

Retail tenants are focused on services that enhance the profile of the shopping destination among shoppers. They are also interested in consumer analytics and more precise demographic information about shoppers. Many landlords have this information, but tenants are looking for this type of information to be shared and proactive real estate managers can provide value adding advice based on good analysis of shopper flow data.

CBRE Research: Global Tenant Survey 2018
CBRE Research: Global Tenant Survey 2018

Industrial Tenants Want More Maintenance and Security

The revolution in logistics due to technology advancements and the growth of e-commerce means that very advanced robotics and technologies are in industrial buildings. Modern logistics buildings are much larger, housing higher levels of inventory that is more valuable than in the past. Property managers must keep up with the changes that are taking place within the sector and work with operators to provide protection for the increasingly valuable logistics technology and quantum of goods that are housed in industrial facilities. Nevertheless, the most desired services and amenities for industrial users mainly relate to maintaining a fully functional building.

CBRE Research: Global Tenant Survey 2018

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