Key points:

• The economic outlook of the country has improved. Annual growth has been revised upwards and is set to achieve 3.6% for 2017.

• With seven new deliveries, modern office stock in Vilnius currently stands at 627,446 sq m or 7.2% more than a year ago.

• New supply of modern office stock is expected to reach a record 89,410 sq m in 2017.

• Take-up amounted to 21,650 sq m.

• High demand has been in line with a high level of supply, which has led to a stable vacancy rate of 4.8%.

• Rent prices remain stable. Prime office rents are currently at 14 – 16.5 EUR and B class at 9 – 13.5 EUR.

• Investment in the Vilnius Office sector for the three quarters of 2017 reached €96.7 million, representing an increase of more than twice when compared with the same period in 2016.

•Investment in the Office sector comprised a share of 32.7% of all investment in Lithuania during first nine months of 2017, with the Retail sector in the leading position with 44.7%.