Understanding Office Destinations offers unrivaled global insights on the market practices and costs associated with occupying office space in major markets worldwide. The menu-driven structure allows for easy navigation and focus on locations of interest. Understanding Office Destinations helps corporate occupiers navigate the complexities of global leasing practices and easily compare differences across global markets—informing decisions on site selection, multi-market negotiations, financial planning, risk assessment, workplace planning and other strategic requirements. For investors, Understanding Office Destinations offers insights on international market practices. (Understanding Office Destinations was formerly known as CBRE Global Office Occupier Guide.)

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Key Features

  • Profiles representing 58 countries globally
  • Full analysis of leasing attributes and protocols
  • Websites and contact information within CBRE by country for additional market information
  • Easy access to summary analysis by country for comparison purposes

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Through our global, full-service real estate serve platform, we uncover the intelligence and insights needed to predict and analyze changes.

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