Understanding Retail Destinations is a web-based application that offers unrivaled global coverage of the market practices and costs associated with occupying retail space in major markets worldwide. The menu-driven structure allows for easy navigation and focus on locations of interest. Understanding Retail Destinations provides investors and retail occupiers top-level information to better understand the structure and nature of a market, including key destinations and main players, local real estate market practices, the state of the shopping center pipeline and key economic and consumer metrics.

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Key Features

  • Profiles of over 140 cities representing 50 countries globally
  • Coverage of 95 markets in EMEA, 24 in APAC and 25 in the Americas
  • Full analysis of leasing attributes and protocols
  • Key retail destination maps by market
  • Main domestic and international players
  • Economic and consumer metrics including forecast growth

  • Prime high street and shopping center rents
  • Anticipated shopping center pipeline volumes by city
  • Websites and contact information within CBRE by country for additional market information
  • Easy access to summary analysis by country for comparison purposes

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