FAQs & Pricing

As a Client

How do I gain access?

Through a subscription agreement. For details and associated fees, please submit a request via our "Become a Client" form.

How often do you offer product training?

Weekly. We offer virtual trainings regularly, just let us know what you need help with and we'd be happy to schedule training at your convenience.

How can I add users?

Ask your account administrator. If you don't know who that is, please contact us and we will connect with them to add users.

What if I have questions about the data?

We can connect you to the appropriate economist or point you to our documentation. Don't hesitate to reach out via the client questions form.


What is your market coverage?

  • United States major markets and submarkets for office, industrial, retail, apartment and hotel
  • Canada major markets and submarkets for office and industrial
  • Europe major markets office, industrial and retail

What data concepts are included?

  • Supply, demand, rents, vacancy, availability, construction
  • Gross income, NOI, cap rate, returns
  • Population, employment, income

The time series historical is updated quarterly and available at annual or quarterly frequencies and we offer forecasted scenarios out 10 years.

  • EA Baseline, Oxford Baseline, EA Upside, EA Downside and EA Severe Downside


What summary statistics are available?

  • Under Construction: total count/sf, multi-tenant and single tenant count/sf
  • Availability Rate
  • Gross and Net Asking Rents
  • Building Count and Stock
  • Completion Rate
  • Completions multi/single

Are you available for speaking engagements?

We are available for speaking engagements to clients who license our data products. We are responsive to requests for speaking engagements from non-clients on a case-by-case basis.


How often do you update your history and forecasts?

For all property types--Office, Industrial, Retail, Multifamily, and Hotel—as well as capital markets fundamentals, we update our history and forecasts on a quarterly basis. For example, at the close of Q4 2020, we update our history for Q4 2020, and our forecasts commence from Q1 2021. Histories are typically published two to three weeks after the close of the quarter. Forecasts are typically published in the following three to four weeks.

Do you perform backtesting?

Yes. Econometric modeling and forecasting, like any science, typically improves with time. We have repeatedly backtested our forecasting models and enhanced them at appropriate intervals. We continue to evaluate the quality of our forecasting models at regular intervals and inform our clients of additional enhancements if we make them.

Do you share your forecasting methodology?

Yes. The core of our forecasting methodology reflects standard economic theory that relates new capital formation (or investment) to asset prices. We provide clients with documentation of our forecasting methodology.

How do you compile your data?

For all property types, as well as capital markets fundamentals, our data is compiled from internal CBRE sources, including our local market researchers, as well as external sources. For quality assurance, our data undergoes an extensive process of validation before it is used for forecasting. Both our historical data and forecasts pass through a final process of quality assurance before being posted to our data warehouse.

How does your data differ from what is posted to CBRE.com?

As an organization, CBRE has vast internal data sources. At CBRE Econometric Advisors, one of our primary objectives is to standardize inputs from a variety of data sources, internal and external, resulting in data series that are appropriate for comparisons over time and among markets. CBRE's local research may utilize specific data-collection methodologies appropriate for their local market, and as a result, there may be differences. As an organization, we strive to identify differences and work toward consistent methodologies to resolve them when possible.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do. An API is an application protocol interface. Please contact your Account Administrator for more information.

Platform Pricing

Platform Pricing Starts at $40,000 Annual, plus applicable taxes.


  • Market Fundamentals—History 
  • Market Fundamentals—History & Forecast 
  • Under Construction—Current
  • Transactions—History 
  • Investment Performance—Forecast
  • New Supply—Current
  • P&L Statements—History (Hotel only)


Platform Tools

  • Locator Address Finder
  • Forecaster Scenario Builder
  • Builder
  • BenchmarkerSM



  • Locator Append—starting at $8,000 annual
  • Locator Building Filter—starting at $14,000 annual
  • Forecaster Save—starting at $8,000 annual
  • Builder Excel Add-in—FREE
  • Builder Extracts—starting at $8,000 annual