Integrated Lab Solutions

Increase your scientific productivity through optimized asset performance.

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A Superior Scientific Experience

Our Integrated Lab Solutions (ILS) team reduces lab inefficiencies and maximizes lab asset utilization through a range of unique services, exceptional data integration and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) alliances.

See how our team can drive value for you: 

ILS Advantage

ILS transforms your lab asset management strategy to deliver a solution that will support your organizations’ needs – today and in the future.

integrated-lab-solutions-financial-142x70Financial Transparency

CBRE provides full visibility to financials, inclusive of costs, profits and margins. In choosing CBRE's lab asset management services, clients experience transparency unlike any other vendor in the industry.

integrated-lab-solutions-data-142x70Data Integration

CBRE leverages its extensive infrastructure of data integration to seamlessly join any platform into meaningful dashboards. Clients reap the benefits of immediately actionable insights from unified systems, keeping the focus on scientific uptime.

integrated-lab-solutions-costs-142x70Lower Costs for Scientific Uptime

A world leader in lab services, CBRE drives value for clients without charging industry-gilded rates. With identical technical expertise as an OEM, our dedicated, world-class engineers service lab equipment to enable scientific outcomes—but at a fraction of OEM rates.

ILS Services

CBRE provides a wide range of lab asset services to drive efficiency, uptime and a superior scientific experience.



Supporting Future Scientific Research in a Post-COVID World

Reproduced courtesy of UKSPA, Breakthrough Magazine, Nov. 2020
ILS leaders explore changes in R&D as well as ways to ensure a strong development pipeline.

Press Release

January 28, 2022

CBRE Appoints Todd Richardson to Lead Integrated Lab Solutions

CBRE Global Workplace Solutions has announced the appointment of Todd Richardson as Global Head of Integrated Lab Solutions (ILS) within its global Life Sciences Sector team.

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