Bob Gold

Spirit Award Winner

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Commercial real estate was dinner table talk for Robert (Bob) Gold growing up. As the fourth generation of his family to work in the industry, he isn’t sure if he got into commercial real estate through birth right or by accident, but he’s grateful that he did.

“It’s fun. Every day is different,” said Gold. “It’s a great business to be in when you have the right temperament.”

For his success in the retail industry and his passion for connecting with others and building a culture of cooperation, Gold has been named CBRE’s 2023 Krista Haverly “Spirit” Award winner. Named in honor of Krista Haverly, this recognition goes to a retail professional who, like Haverly, exudes energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and an unwavering passion.

Gold and a few others formed the Keystone Group, a gathering of about 50 CBRE Retail professionals from secondary and tertiary markets throughout the country who meet on a monthly basis to talk about the industry, best practices and to share information they’re passionate about.

The group, with Gold as its chairman, has helped people who are new to the business and retail veterans alike understand the national market layout more as well as share experiences on niche transactions.

“It’s more of an alliance of sorts. People stay at a company when they feel comfortable, when they feel like they belong. There’s no issue that’s too small and no opportunity you can’t discuss.”

Scarlette Carballo, Business Operations Manager for Americas Retail based in Atlanta, has seen Gold’s mentoring in action in the Keystone Group.

“He’s creating a culture where people can communicate and lean on each other,” said Carballo. “If a new retail opportunity comes up that will be multi-market, Bob will 100% be involved; he’ll form the best team and let them run with it.”

Gold puts a lot of his energy into helping others, both on and off his team, build their careers in commercial real estate. The people who make up the workplace are the most important part of the company to him. His son, Jake Gold, currently works on his team, continuing the family legacy.

“He gives people opportunities to learn and mentors selflessly,” added Carballo. “He’s taken it upon himself to be the leader and people back him up because, well, he’s Bob!”
When he started at CBRE in Columbus in 1984, then Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate, the established professionals in the office pushed him to work hard and hone his skills.

Gold eventually moved to Pittsburgh to join Gold & Company, Inc. where he worked until the company was absorbed by CBRE in 1999. He has been at the firm ever since and leads a team that specializes in retail and investment properties in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and the entire state of West Virginia.

“Most of my team had a particularly good year in 2022. They feel good that they’re growing and having success. At a certain point, you don’t measure in dollars. You measure in terms of the personal growth of you and others, how they’ve become better.”

Jay Miller, a senior vice president at CBRE in Radnor, has known Gold for almost 29 years. Miller, another founding member of the Keystone Group, has seen how Gold has taken the reins and acted as the glue that holds the group together.

“From his leadership and relationship-building skills to his commitment to and passion for growing this group, Bob is the ultimate team player,” said Miller. “I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with him as a colleague and a friend.”

Outside of work, Gold plays in an ice hockey league and is the President of West Pennsylvania Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, where he raises money for youth sports. He is the former president of a PACE School in Pittsburgh, a school for children with an educational diagnosis of emotional disturbance, autism or pervasive developmental disorder.