CBRE Retail Analytics Suite of Services


From basic location maps to complex predictive modeling, we provide a range of solutions to inform your location strategy.

Retail Analytics Services

CBRE Retail Analytics specializes in market planning analytics and products that support your brand’s unique development strategy. We provide clear, concise information from essential demographic and competitor insights to sophisticated site-specific forecasts, all in one easy-to-use platform that allows you to focus on maximizing your ROI while minimizing risk.

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Location Intelligence

Our services help organizations make informed decisions by visualizing data on maps and analyzing patterns and trends in location-based information.

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Promotional Products

We also offer a multitude of other products as our full analytics package or as standalone offerings to be used alongside your current analytic solution.

Maturity Curve Analysis

Our Maturity Curve Analysis allows for more accurate revenue predictions by helping to understand year-one forecasts, when a unit will break even and how many years it will take to reach maturity.

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ShopoGraphics is a CBRE proprietary dataset that leverages machine learning to create unique retail segments. By identifying the segments brands currently locate in, we help clients understand their most successful co-location profiles and identify new opportunities for expansion. The results can be integrated into a mapping platform or conducted as an independent analytical study.

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Cannibalization Solutions

Our cannibalization offerings help real estate professionals optimize market presence. Our toolkit can answer everything from determining the level of cannibalization in an overall portfolio to identifying what customers are likely to transfer to a potential site. With these tools you will make more informed decisions about how to maximize your blueprint in a market.


Cannibalytics is a comprehensive study of the impact new location openings have on existing units. The findings can be a standalone product or integrated into our Dimension PLUS mapping and modeling platform for on-the-fly estimation of future sites.

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Customer Transfer Analysis

Our Customer Transfer Analysis provides a robust overview of the sales impact an existing location might experience when a new location opens nearby. The results help you avoid a significant transfer of customers from an existing location to a new one. The analysis is conducted as an independent study and does not require purchasing any of our other services.

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