CBRE and CoreNet Global partnered to survey corporate real estate (CRE) leaders and gauge the evolution of CRE’s mission and purpose, explore how CRE departments are structured and document both emerging and established management practices.

The results are particularly insightful, as many CRE teams around the world are seeking guidance on go-forward strategy and structure in 2021—in light of COVID-19’s long-term impact on the corporate workplace.

Key Findings:

Study Overview


*Survey conducted Q3 2020.

Mission and Priorities

Health & safety now shares top billing with cost savings as a leading priority informing the CRE mission

CRE leaders are reporting a major shift in their priorities as a result of COVID-19 — with many objectives altered from pre-COVID times.

Pre-COVID, CRE leaders’ goals most commonly focused on enabling the core business (68%) and delivering quality service on time and budget (62%).

Today, the top two priorities of CRE leaders are ensuring the health and safety of employees in the work environment (71%) and identifying/driving cost savings (71%).

Top Missions and Priorities of CRE Organizations

How would you describe the primary mission and priorities of your CRE organization?
Please select your top 5 for the pre- and post-COVID-19 eras, respectively.

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