2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Opportunities so all people thrive

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DE&I Progress

We strive to enable our people and business partners to thrive by fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where everyone can belong.

Diversity, equity and inclusion begins at the top with our CEO and is a companywide effort. DE&I is a component of how our executives are evaluated and we encourage all employees to include at least one DE&I objective as part of their performance goals.

In 2022, we accelerated our progress by focusing on strategic initiatives and measurable outcomes to strengthen our inclusive culture, increase the diversity of our workforce and increase our spend with diverse suppliers. Data and innovation drives our ability to prioritize resources, implement targeted interventions and monitor progress. 


Our Workplace Wellbeing vision is to ensure our people are supported by a caring workplace culture and we focus on providing our employees with tools and resources to actively manage their wellbeing.  In 2022, we expanded our Be Well programming across five dimensions: 

  • Occupational: Contributing in our careers to make a positive impact in our organization
  • Social: Connecting with our colleagues and developing positive relationships
  • Environmental: Creating a safe, productive and comfortable workplace
  • Physical: Supporting good health, awareness and vitality
  • Intellectual: Learning new concepts, improving skill sets and contributing positively to CBRE’s culture

In line with our RISE values, CBRE believes all people should be valued and respected and have the right to choose their own destiny. We are dedicated to complying with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, commit to embedding human rights practices into our global culture and ensure we adhere to all human rights and modern slavery regulations in regions where we operate globally.

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Human Rights

The cornerstone of the program is our Human Rights Policy, which recognizes our responsibility to always respect human rights in our operations, to set a good example and to make a positive global impact. The policy covers topics such as child labor; human trafficking, slavery and the right to voluntary labor; freedom against prejudice and discrimination; safe and secure workplace; work hours and wages; and freedom of association.


CBRE and our employees invest in and support the communities where we live and work around the world. Through direct contributions from the company and our employees—
including volunteer time—we are able to make a difference for both people and the planet.

In 2022, our corporate philanthropic strategy focused on three main areas: tackling climate change, increasing educational and career opportunities for underrepresented populations in the commercial real estate industry, and bettering our headquarters community of Dallas, TX. We also respond to disasters and crises like the war in Ukraine, as well as support causes that help people with everyday challenges, such as hunger and cancer.

CBRE employees volunteered more than 43,500 hours across 38 countries in 2022, representing an additional value of more than $1.3 million to our communities.

CBRE employees from 38 countries gave back to their communities in 2022.

2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

CBRE’s latest report highlights how CBRE is working to drive progress for a low carbon future, create opportunities so all people thrive and lead with integrity to build trust.