EcoVadis Assessment for Suppliers

Our Sustainable Procurement Journey

At CBRE, we have made responsible practices and sustainability the foundation of our global operations and understand our clients' growing demand for our supply chain to demonstrate progress on this front.

We partnered with EcoVadis to help track and report CBRE's progress in sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility.

As an industry leader and responsible business, we leverage our position to promote the highest standards of ethical business conduct and sustainable business practices wherever we operate. We encourage our suppliers to have the same level of commitment to these standards.

As of 2022, CBRE has engaged over 550 suppliers who have had their sustainability performance assessed by EcoVadis. CBRE continues to regularly increase the number of suppliers engaged and assessed, as its clients continue to seek deeper insights into the key ESG risks and opportunities in our shared supply chain.

CBRE also undergoes a yearly assessment by EcoVadis to provide information for our clients and suppliers on our sustainability performance.

In 2022, CBRE earned a Platinum sustainability rating, placing us in the top 1% of participating companies. You can request CBRE's score card through the EcoVadis platform.

Benefits that CBRE's suppliers will receive when they also complete an EcoVadis scorecard

These detailed scorecards will help assess our supply chain, drill down on critical criteria such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions or Health & Safety conditions, and actively work with our suppliers to develop their sustainability profile in line with our client's requirements.

Suppliers that surpass the minimum standard rating of 47 in their EcoVadis scorecards will be highlighted as a Sustainable Supplier in CBRE’s purchasing and invoicing platform, myBuy. Being highlighted as such in myBuy will encourage CBRE users to direct more purchasing activity to Sustainable Suppliers.

How to register your company for a sustainability assessment with EcoVadis:

CBRE and EcoVadis Information Page


Learn More

To register, please visit the registration link or look for the Register Now button when you access the CBRE and EcoVadis Information Page.

About Ecovadis:

EcoVadis is the world's largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings with a global network of more than 80,000 rated companies. The EcoVadis platform permits companies to assess, monitor and benchmark the sustainability performance of large parts of our supply chain via a digital platform. Having a similar platform such as EcoVadis allows us to have the same insights as our suppliers. Suppliers can use use the EcoVadis platform by submitting their requirements and choosing their desired subscription. The EcoVadis experts then analyze and rate the suppliers, layer the information with A.I.-powered information from more than 100,000 international news sources and issue a scorecard structured around four themes: Environment, Labor and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement. Read more about the EcoVadis Solution here.