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CostLab is the Most Comprehensive Online Tool for Facility Benchmarking, Budgeting, and Capital Planning

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CBRE CostLab is our proprietary web-based application that easily allows you to compare operating costs for over 400+ different locations and 75+ different asset types around the world.

Data driven insights generate objective and transparent estimates based on equipment-level analysis for your buildings and locations, all from the global standard for facility costs. It contains a wide range of economic and engineering data sets, models and algorithms for estimating the lifecycle of facility costs including maintenance and repair, custodial, energy, grounds management, pest control and more.

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Through a collaborative effort a definitive capital plan for our campus buildings was established. It would have been IMPOSSIBLE to create this plan internally, so we are most appreciative and grateful for what CBRE Business Analytics was able to provide us.
Ken CornwellVisa Global Corporate Real Estate

CostLab Plans 

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Explanation of Features

  1. Cost Library

    The Cost Library provides a dynamic view of all the data in our comprehensive database. Browse the cost profiles and library data for labor rates, utility rates, inflation rates, maintenance tasks, operations details, recapitalization assumptions, or national indexes.
  2. Building Wizard

    Building Wizard answers seven questions to quickly generate a tailored cost estimate down to the component level for your facilities. To provide further detail, answer questions about the structural and mechanical make-up of your asset, the levels of service for operations, key recapitalization assumptions and additional asset details.
  3. Project Builder

    The Project Builder provides an easy way to group maintenance and repair tasks into a project, and estimate their material, labor and equipment requirements. Easily add M&R tasks to your project by navigating to the component using a building system tree organized by uniformat, and entering the quantity next to the task.
  4. Advanced Model Calibration

    Advanced Model Calibration fully customizes your building models with the information you know by adding and editing the equipment within each asset. Calibration can also be applied to labor and utility rates, M&R tasks, operation tasks and inflation rates leading to more accurate OpEx and CapEx estimates.
  5. Mass Data Export

    Easily export large amounts of asset-level data at once including annual costs, average costs, cost by task per year, deferred costs and inventory for all of your folders and assets. Use these organized, complete and highly detailed Excel exports of your portfolio to support long term capital planning and your specific budget priorities.
  6. Capital Planning

    Aging facilities and limited budget make it difficult to decide which equipment to replace. Take a data-driven approach to prioritize capital spending to mitigate risk to your portfolio. Our Capital Planning feature can objectively tell you where to spend your money first based on your budget.

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